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School begins for the Summer Term on Monday April 20th at 8.30am. Summer uniform must be worn.

Governors have set school fees for the next school year, beginning in September 2015. Click here to learn the detail.

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There is so much exciting and interesting stuff happening in our school. It's often hard for the website to keep up with it, but click on these to see more:-

Art Exhibition
Our Victorious Rugby Team
Year 5 Passion Play

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Mission Statement

As a Catholic school we inspire our pupils with faith, hope, justice and love, enabling them to grow and live in peace with each other. We hope to follow in the footsteps of Mother St Mary, our foundress, by creating in the heart and mind of each child a strong desire to learn and achieve fulfilment and success.

So how lovely to receive this email from Christine Hayward at CAFOD:-

Dear Mrs Baines: Just a quick email to thank you, Miriam, the staff and children for the warm welcome we received at Virgo Fidelis this morning. It is such a pleasure to visit your school - the children are a credit to you. Please pass on my thanks to the children for listening so well (and patiently!) and to the pupil who assisted with the technology. The prayers and generosity of Virgo Fidelis Prep School are so very greatly appreciated - many, many lives have been saved and touched by your school's steady and thoughtful support. Thank you so much. With very best wishes, Chris Hayward

Open Days

The next Open Day will be held on Wednesday 17th June from 9.30am to 3pm.

The Ragged School

The day after their successful Passion Play Year 5 visited the Ragged School Museum in Mile End. They enjoyed two very interesting sessions. In the first, sitting in a representation of a Victorian appartment like so many that housed the poorest people in the East End, Colin talked them through life as it was lived. He covered, among other things, wash-day, household chores like ironing and cleaning and introduced a lot of fascinating detail. Colin was full of jokes and fun.

And then Year 5 were put into the hands of Miss Perkins, a true-to-type Victorian teacher - stern, strict, no-nonsense and imbued with all the Victorian values. Year 5 seemed stunned at the start, but to give them credit they gradually rose to the occasion. The sense of relief when Miss Perkins finally finished her lesson and left was palpable!!

The Museum offers a wonderful way of learning about the past by living it. Above you can see just a few of the interesting situations and scenes our pupils experienced.